Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Oneness factor

The God Body couldn't experience itself as an endless Ocean. The Ocean had to divide itself into molecules to see the other molecules becoming plankton, algae, fish, and countless forms  of sea life. Itself began to unfold into all forms of Life that grow, evolve, and change into something Else. The original Essence still there ever changing and reforming cannot end. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The photo on the right is of water flowing over a dragon's eye. Waters of emotion flowing over our eyes, clouding our vision?, increasing our feelings. Can we see through our emotions to learn more of ourselves, heal ourselves and others? Waters purify and conduct energies. What can we purify as Neptune, still in Pisces since 2011, brings up for purification our watery emotions. Are they our emotions or someone else's? Boundaries don't exist in water as all is in the same soup, flavors blending together. In fact are there any boundaries? What container do we bring to the Dragon?  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Poetry Rhythms

The All in All
A mirror that contains reflections
of All that exists
Broken to pieces, each alone
reflecting its piece of the All
The All reflecting in the other

The All once said we were
made in his image
The image a vast one
reflects Asian, Caucasian,
African, and Aborigine
All the natives of the earth

Reflections wear nothing at birth
joining the tribe we divide
into suits, feathers, silk,
and leather shouting we and you
Blocking our reflections
Deflecting the others

Break from the tribe
shout your I
being true to your reflection of 
the All in you
We are here to reflect 
the All in All in you and I
Susan Raza 1997